Educating youth is one of the most important ways to help break the cycle of homelessness. 





We believe firmly in the importance of education. Our goal is to open children’s eyes at a young age to discover the wonders of learning. If kids stray away from this idea, we try to guide them back into the path of education for a better future. We believe every child is capable of greatness, no matter what their current situation is. We are open to provide guidance and act as a role model for these children during this vulnerable part of their lives. We strive to give a sense of community and strength at Casa Nueva Vida. We provide a feeling of safety and assure them that they are not alone.

Our Goals:


Our Educational Program runs Monday - Thursday from 4pm-8pm. During these times, we squeeze in homework time, reading time, and tutoring for the children. We also have a variety of activities we do for the kids. These activities include organizing outdoor games, doing arts and crafts, and bringing in volunteers that throw parties and making sure the children have fun.


Homework Help

The educational program supports and encourages families to engage and succeed in their education while serving children to safe and effective entertainment. Every day we put children’s homework assignments as a priority. Younger children without homework are encouraged to read or engage in other educational activities (such as learning the alphabet or tracing letters/numbers.) We want to promote a habit of education in the playroom as we believe that knowledge is one of the most significant resources to end the cycle of homelessness.



One of our most popular ways to promote education to our kids is through S.T.E.M. Lessons (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) During S.T.E.M. lessons, children learn about these topics with an open mind and with eager hearts. After a visual presentation, children have a chance at a hands-on activity for them to practice what they learned.