Ice cream, you scream! We all scream for ice cream!

“ Dear Mr.Duran,

We (Lexi K. and Amelia J.) hosted an ice cream stand to raise money for your cause. We charged $1 per scoop of ice cream and $0.50 per toppings. We raised $320.75, including birthday money ($50 in all), shown above!”



I (Amelia) hosted a bake sale for this same cause with my DESTINATION IMAGINATION!! team back in February :D.”


Also enclosed is a picture of the whole thing. Im in the back left (Amelia), next to me is Lexi, and in front of us my little brother Elliott with his ice cream.”

Casa Nueva Vida, Inc.
Destination Imagination!!

On Seven-year-old Amelia and four of her classmates wanted to do something for children in the community who did not have a home.  The five students joined an organization called Destination Imagination who challenges children at a very young age to make a change and impact within their community.  

Amelia and her classmates had a bake sale and sold goods at a neighborhood grocery store. The students raised $892.53. They researched organizations and agencies that assist children in the Greater Lawrence Area and found Casa Nueva Vida a family congregate shelter serving families. Amelia and her classmates presented the check on February 10, 2019, to Casa Nueva Vida CEO Mr. Manuel Duran and asked the money be used to better the lives of all the children currently living at Casa Nueva Vida.